Mission and Vision


The leading figure of the bison not only stands for loyalty and courage but is also a symbol of sense of community and freedom. In addition, this powerful animal, barely escaping extinction, symbolizes the appreciation of nature. It points to our responsibility to deal with our environment, and calls us to not only take but also give back.


The name bisonaire stands for people who align their vision, their thoughts and actions on this mission statement and who are not oriented towards the mainstream of the business world. 
Be a bisonaire – make a difference!


At bisonaire, the human being in his uniqueness is in the foreground.
bisionaire is not made up of human resources but of people – the “bisonaires”. We meet colleagues, partners and customers with friendship, honesty, appreciation and reliability.


We support our customers and employees in the best possible way and empower them to be successful in their business. Our own claim are high-quality products and first-class service in the field of consulting, development, project management and support. This works best with self-motivated, highly-qualified people who feel comfortable in their work environment.