Delmia Quintiq


You also want to benefit from the latest developments of the current Quintiq version?
Do not waive your access to improved functionality and important features, but ask us to bring your planning solution up to date.
We also assist you with your server and database infrastructure.


You already have an Industry Solution in use?
We adapt it to your system environment and planning requirements.
You want to tap additional potential?
We are adding helpful functionality and features to your Delmia Quintiq standard solution.


You cannot find a planning tool in the market that suits your requirements?
Together with you we develop customized solutions based on the Quintiq Framework. We use a powerful development tool to efficiently implement new planning and optimization solutions.


The development of software solutions and business processes must go hand in hand. We are convinced that only through a process-oriented approach truly value-adding and efficient overall solutions are created. 

bisonaire is a fan of lean methods. For software development, SCRUM or KANBAN are used as needed. For decision-making and holistic problem analysis, we also use tools from the area of system dynamics.


We offer individual maintenance and support contracts for users of Delmia Quintiq applications. In addition, we take care of your general IT-infrastructure.

We offer customized training for users of Delmia Quintiq products.